Couch Roll 25cm MINI White - Bulk 18 Pack

These 25cm couch rolls are made with pure pulp and are super absorbent. 25cm x 50m - Pack of 18 Rolls White
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Bulk pack of 18 rolls.

Use these handy couch rolls in your studio to help keep the environment sanitary and presentable at all times. By having a disposable barrier on your tattoo furniture, you can quickly discard any areas that have become soiled or dirty with ink or bodily fluids. This also makes it much easier to remove the risk of cross-contamination between clients during the day. You will simply be able to wipe down the tattoo furniture so it is sterile before replacing the couch roll so it is ready for the next client. Couch Roll also doubles up as a cleaning supply and is very absorbent, making it ideal for cleaning up spillages of ink or other chemicals.
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