Bishop Platinum Silver Rotary - RCA

Bishop Platinum Silver Rotary - RCA

BISHOP Polished Black Rotary - RCA

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Dimensions L x W x H: 2” x 1” x 1.5”

Machine Weight: 3.8oz (107.7g)

•Aircraft Aluminium
•German Bearings
•Swiss MAXON Motor
•Double Sized Needle Clip (no need for bands)

Input Voltage: 0 – 12V DC (max. 14V DC)

Rpm Range Stitches/Sec: 0 – 7200rpm / 0 – 130 / sec

Stroke Length:
•Std Stroke 3.5mm
•Available to purchase -Extra Long Stroke 4.2mm (best for lining & colour packing)

Recommended Use:
•Colour Packing & Shading run machine between 7.5V & 8.5V
•Lining run machine between 8V & 9V (depending on hand speed and style)

The Bishop Rotary tattoo machine’s balanced ERGO-design is formatted by quality engineers such that the total weight (3.8 oz) flows with the weight of the tube to provide an overall feel of virtual weightlessness. This particular design has helped many artists with wrist pain issues and carpal tunnel syndrome cramps, prolonging their work time beyond what was previously achievable.

The Bishop Rotary tattoo machine is made using billet aircraft aluminium on state of the art 5 AXIS CNC machines for ultimate precision, then hand polished, ensuring tight tolerances and excellent finishes. Each machine is hand assembled to ensure precise fit and function and anodized to aircraft industry standards, both for finish and wear resistance in friction areas. Swiss made MAXON motors are used to generate a linear motion of the needle.

The Bishop Rotary tattoo machine utilizes a “double sized Needle Clip” eliminating the old standard rubber band to create the down force on the needle. The clip holds the needle in place and eliminates any lateral motion in the needle. This allows the artist to pick away at those ultra fine details! The machine’s ability to perform consistent punctures per second enables a 30% faster procedure and healing process.

The Bishop Rotary tattoo machine doesn’t offer adjustable give, but instead utilizes a spring that offers the right amount of give suited to your hand speed and pressure. This concept provides a more natural way to learn rotary application. Bishop term this concept an ‘Organic Give’.

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