Beyond NRG 400g Tub Space Rocks

Beyond NRG 400g Tub Space Rocks

Beyond NRG 400g Tub Wild Forest Fruits

Beyond NRG 400g Tub Wild Forest Fruits

Beyond NRG 400g Tub Strawberry, Watermelon and Lime


Strawberry, Watermelon & Lime flavour – Globules of watermelon with lip smacking strawberry and lime, leave you in 8-bit bliss. Our 400g tubs feature a unique child proof cap are offer great value for money at just £0.87 per 10g serving.

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Sugar-Free - A healthier alternative to energy drinks
Less than 20 calories per drink
Natural caffeine sourced from the green coffee bean
Contains 16 vitamins and nootropics
Suitable for Vegetarians
Only £0.87 per serving (400g Tub)
Just add water & shake!

Contains no major allergens!


For an authentic energy source, we choose Coffeine®, a naturally derived caffeine extracted from the green coffee bean. Caffeine naturally stimulates the central nervous system and, when ingested, blocks the action of adenosine on its receptors which stops the onset of drowsiness. Caffeine extract can help to increase alertness, reduce fatigue, and boost energy levels.


Beyond incorporates an almost full profile of essential B vitamins that work synergistically with the formula. The inclusion rate is kept at around 50%, so one drink will actively boost the dietary intake. Two drinks (our max daily dose) will give the user a full RDI, allowing the nootropics to work to their fullest extent. Alongside supporting the formula this is the main difference to other supplements, providing more than just energy to an individual and supporting general wellbeing.


Our Nootropic stack comprises a series of naturally sourced ingredients explicitly selected for mental performance. These ingredients have their unique benefits, and we have cherry-picked the best to include in our formula. One of which, KSM-66® Ashwagandha, the most clinically studied Ashwagandha on the market, was evaluated in 22 ‘Gold Standard’ human clinical trials.

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